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Compton Burger

Story: Compton Burger
Episode: 3
Presenter: Blake Proud  
Air Date: 11th October 2020

Blake pays a visit to Compton Burgers to find out all about the burger joint that was good enough for Coolio himself.

  • Compton Burgers is reminiscent of a Compton corner shop and is quickly becoming known as one of Perth’s best burgers.
  • This burger place is inspired by Compton’s culture and rap scene, with murals of famous people from Compton, graffiti and hip-hop paraphernalia as part of the decor.
  • Compton Burgers is run by twin brothers, Michael and Andrew Theo, who inherited their parent’s business and turned it into a restaurant.
  • The renowned rapper Coolio visited Compton Burgers in 2019, and even wore one of their shirts to his concert.
  • Compton Burgers use a tool that was specially engineered by the Theo brothers which presses the burgers perfectly every time.
  • Their titular Compton Burger is made with a 5-inch Martin’s potato roll from America, house-made sauce, fresh gherkin and grilled onion.
  • There is a mouth-watering selection of sides to go with your burger, with everything from fries to chicken tenders.